Instagram has recently announced a new update and with it rolled out a couple of new features. Unlike similar apps, which release updates only from time to time, Instagram has managed to keep its updates often, and it’s obvious it’s not planning to slow down. The substantial amounts of new features that have been coming out for the last few months show that Instagram is trying hard to increase its value and be of better use to all of its users, businesses included.   


This feature will be very familiar to fans of another popular social networking app, Snapchat. Instagram now supports a set of eight filters which add live special effects to your pics. This initial set includes three different kinds of crowns: a gold crown, butterfly crown, and ice crown; live animal features (including a cute koala filter, as well as a bunny filter and giant purple feathers of a peacock); nerd glasses; and a makeup filter. Filters are activated by opening the camera and choosing a new face icon at the bottom right of the screen. Unlike some of Snapchat’s filters, these new Instagram filters are less aggressive and only subtly augment your face, which makes them feel more artsy and mature.


Very recently, Instagram has rolled out this new feature to various beauty, jewelry, and apparel brands. It functions very much like tagging a photo, only in this case, you’re tagging it with your product information. These posts feature a new “Shoppable” icon in the bottom corner of the picture, which is meant to prompt the users to “Tap to See Products”. After they’ve clicked on the tag, users will be able to see basic price and name information. By tapping that information bubble, they’ll be taken to another, more detailed description, with a “Shop Now” button. This will, further on, take them to the brand’s site, where they can make their purchase. So thanks to Shoppable Instagram, users can now make purchases from within the app more easily – although, as mentioned above, this option is, for now, available to only certain brands.


This feature is the least interesting to Instagram users (or should we say, not interesting at all) because it makes your posts not appear in the hashtag feed. So how do you know Shadowban is in action? Simple, when you notice your hashtags are being ‘un-discoverable’. You can still use them, but they will only show up in feeds of your current follower. This can be an issue because not as many people will be able to see your posts, so your likes and comments can seriously diminish in number. Now, is it your fault you got Shadowbanned? Below are the reasons which might cause this problem, so if you want to avoid Shadowban, make sure none of these are true for you.

Using bots and buying followers Using the same hashtags over and over again Sudden follow and unfollow sprees ‘Broken Hashtags’

Instagram is very well aware of the issues Shadowban is causing and is prompting users to focus on creating quality content. Here is an article on how to fix it if you are a victim of shadowban

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