How to Choose the Right Social Media Influencer

Choosing the right social media influencer has become increasingly important in marketing nowadays. Modern customers have become more demanding and pride themselves in being able to easily see through the traditional ways of advertising. As soon as they suspect you’re trying to sell them something, they won’t even stay on the site, let alone click on your ad and check out what you have to offer.

So how can social media influencers help you? Who even are they? The social media influencers are bloggers and other active members of social media, who use the Internet as a means of communicating and exchanging experiences with others. They talk. They share, and they give ideas. The questions you want to ask yourself is who the right person for sharing your idea is and how well they can do this. This article will give you six guidelines which will help you find the answers to these questions.

#1. Check if the influencer’s content relates to the message you want to put across.

Research is an important part of choosing your future influencer. Read their blog, read their social network account, really learn what they’re writing about and what their true attitude is. Decide if they’re the person who will convincingly share your message. See into what kind of audience they attract, and decide whether this is the kind of audience you want to be selling your goods or services to.

#2. Check how active the influencer’s audience is.

Do they read this blog often? Do they discuss about what they read? Do they leave comments? These are all indicators of their interest. The more interested the audience is on the topic, the more likely they will spread the information you want to be spread.

#3. Don’t look for an influencer with a huge reach, but one for good engagement

Just because this person gets a lot of visits each day doesn’t mean any of these visitors will be attracted to what you’re offering. The person you need to look for is the one who is respected in their target market, a person with a particular interest. Also, these lesser-known influencers might be more interested in working with you, because, who knows, you might be the one who will push them towards greater success.  Do not only focus on the number of followers but on the engagement rates, fake followers are so easy to buy but engagement isn’t. The trick is to make sure your influencer have at least 10% engagement compared to their number of followers. For example, if an influencer at 10k Followers, his picture should have 1000 likes+comment combined (900 likes and 100 comments for example)

#4. Don’t overdo the sponsored content.

As it’s been said earlier, today’s audience doesn’t like to have something explicitly shoved down their throats when it comes to marketing. They will more likely read personal stories which mention the authentic use of a product or service because this they can relate to easier than the ads which tell them to buy something just because.

#5. Respect the influencer’s creativity and their judgment.

Give your future influencer certain space in developing your campaign. If they are successful in attracting a certain kind of audience, they obviously know what they’re doing. Don’t interfere too much. Give them basic guidelines and explain the message you want them to put across for you. Show them you trust them. You can only profit from the respect you show them.

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