How Much Should A Website Cost?

All that glamor you see on your favorite site cannot tell you how much the website costs? There is more to consider in a website; not just how it looks but how it also functions.

If you are considering investing some money on your website, here are three things you should consider:

- Is the website worth your money?

- If yes, what does it need?

- Does what the website need essential?

How to deal with the technicalities

Since functionalities matter on a website, a great place to start is by hiring a website developer. A professional website developer will help you:

- Choose and create an excellent website that is within your budget, your technical abilities, and time.

- Save you from financial and technical problems.

However, hiring a website developer will cost you money, hundreds, or thousands of dollars that you might not be ready to spend. In that case, you can use a website builder. A website builder allows you to develop your website, even if you do not know about website development.

You can also customize your website using these website builders.

Some of the website builders to consider are:

Wix - from $4.50 per month

Weebly - from $5 per month

Squarespace - from $12 per month

What to consider when getting a website

Whether you are hiring a professional web developer or you have chosen to use a website builder, you need to consider the following:

- Your budget

- The time you will put into it

- Your technological know-how

- Your knowledge and skill in designing

From the above, check which resource you lack and how you can get them with time. It is not a must that you have all these resources form the start, but you can develop some of these skills with time.

However, money is the only resource that will be easy for you to factor. The other three resources are the factors that will affect how much your website costs.

What to take under consideration?

The below phases will help you determine how much you will spend on your website- either by hiring a developer or using a website builder for the one you do not have;

- Setting up the website

- Learning how to use a website builder

- Designing the site by yourself

- Content creating

- Troubleshooting and maintaining the website

There is no fixed amount or a specific range when it comes to getting a website. However, the number of resources you have and don't have will determine your overall cost. If you do not want to spend your time learning how to do it, then hire a professional based on how much you want to invest in the website.

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