California Cannabis Labeling Requirements 2019

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) released new requirements at the beginning of 2019 for labeling of any cannabis products, CBD products included in for the state of California.

If you are selling cannabis-related products in California, be sure to abide by the following two labeling panels:

Primary panel.

Informational panel.

Primary Panel

Labeling on the primary panel means labeling on the front-side of the packaging. The front-side is the display side of in a retail setting. Most importantly, the label must show the identity of the product, i.e. the name of the product as it is commonly known.

The weight of the packaging must also be displayed on the primary panel, both in the U.S. units and metric units.

The last thing that as to be displayed on the primary panel is the universal symbol for any cannabis-related products. The logo identifies cannabis and cannabis-related products that are regulated by the California state.

Information Panel

The second labeling panel is the information panel, which is any other label apart from the primary panel label.

For starters, the date of the packaging of the product for sale must be on display. The date has to be in full, i.e., the day, the month, and the year of packaging.

Also, one must show the UID number on the information panel. A UID number is a number issued through the California Cannabis Track-And-Trace system. However, this requirement is only necessary until one receives their Track-and-Trace system. If you do not have a UID number, leave the space blank instead of creating your placeholder UID number.

The licensee name and contact information like a phone number or website have also to be displayed on the information panel. The name can be the cultivator's name, the name of the business, of the DBA that is registered.

Finally, the information panel must bear the government’s warning statement. The letters must be capitalized and bolded.

In addition to all the above requirements, the cannabinoid content has to be shown in percentage either on the primary or information panels. All of the text has to be clear, legible and at least the 6-point font.


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